Ocean Freight (LCL) Door to Door Services
China to Malaysia (delivery to all parts of West Malaysia & East Malaysia Sabah /Sarawak Region)
Daily shipment. Daily stuffing. Stable and reliable custom clearance. Estimated transit is 15 days upon stuffing date.
China to Singapore
Assuring service. Daily stuffing.Excluding 7% GST to Singapore customs. Estimated transit is 10 days upon stuffing date.
China to Jakarta
Stable and reliable custom clearance. Efficiency guaranteed. Stuffing scheduled on every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Cost inclusive of delivery within Jakarta city. Please enquire for separate quotes for delivery to other Regions. Estimated transit is 25 days upon stuffing date.
Air Freight Door to Door Services
China / Yiwu to Singapore / Malaysia / Indonesia
We are in long-term partnerships with more than 20 international airline companies and we are also the agent to the aviation businesses in major cities. Stable and reliable export documentation and flight space booking. Destination airport clearance will be handled by Covenant-owned subsidiaries, thus ensuring smooth flow of our service. Malaysia and Indonesia can provide both DDP and Postal customs clearance mode services. We can handle document mailings, parcels and even tonnage weight- based cargos. Daily export schedule to provide a stable 2-4 days airfreight door to door services.
Postal Parcel Services
We are the appointed agent for DHL Global Mail, Hong Kong Postal Parcel and China Postal Parcel Services.
DHL Global Mail is a joint launch between DHL and Deutsche Post to specifically cater and provide a quality registered delivery service due to the huge demand. This service aims to boost the global e-commerce market by lowering the cost for the consumers to have an efficient, smooth and economical delivery services.
International Courier Services
We are the appointed agent for international courier service providers the likes of DHL EXPRESS, UPS and EMS.
By having a safe and reliable route of shipments, as well as catering to the needs of our customers, we help you choose the best and most suitable channel so as to give you peace of mind. DHL Express is a global courier company providing professional services. It is one of the companies that have the biggest network globally. It has about 34 companies and 44 sorting facilities in 5 continents to cover more than 220 countries and regions with a total of 120, 000 destinations (mainly cities). It is a fast, safe and reliable service.