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About Us
Covenant International Freight has set its focus on Door to Door services for more than 10 years now. Professional warehousing services, custom clearance at destination services as well as delivery services are all handled by Covenant’s wholly-owned subsidiaries. We are the true Door to Door specialist. We are the way to deliver!
Covenant International Freight originated from the traditional freight enterprise from Singapore in the early days. We then branched out with our offices in Malaysia, China and Indonesia. Our main undertaking was international air and sea freight, LCL, warehousing, haulage, customs clearance, import & export handling as well as international freight consultation. As we set our focus in providing the true Door to Door service, we set up our own custom clearance and delivery subsidiaries at destination ports in order to differentiate ourselves in the market. Through our professional services and our honest attitude, we aim to be your best logistics partner.
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